Are we one country? Or are we a subcontinent of nationalities? Which ever way you choose to look at it, the colour and vibrance is unmistakable, as is how photogenic it all is.

This exhibition is a showcase of some of India’s prominent photographers from the field of documentary, travel, fashion, fine art and commercial photography.

This the first time such a wide diaspora of contemporary Indian photographers are exhibiting together.


Curated by Anna Fox and Amit Sheokand

The idea that a photograph can represent who a person actually is has long been debated, and it has been generally accepted that though the image of a face and body represented in a photograph might tell you something about a time and a place, it does not so often tell you much about that individual person.

This new exhibition brings together contemporary photographic portraits by British photographers of British subjects. Read More


The land of Kodak and National Geographic, US casts a very large shadow on the world of photography.

This exhibition features photographic artists who are all considered the finest in their genres.

A selection is as varied as there can be and includes fine art as well as photojournalistic exhibits.

The exhibition is a showcase for creativity in photojournalism and a platform for developments in the profession, part of World Press Photo’s aim of encouraging and stimulating the work of press photographers around the world.


An exhibition of 143 award-winning photographs from World Press Photo.

Since 1955, the foundation has invited press photographers of the world to participate in an annual international competition.

In 2014, a record number of 5,754 photographers from 132 countries submitted 98,671 pictures to be judged, covering topics from hard news to sports and portraits.


After examining the popular representations of Goa and considering what might be missing, over the last year the students of The One School Goa identified and curated stories which are hidden, unknown and in some cases in the danger of being forgotten.

This exhibition will feature these stories in a visual documentary style.


Selected visual stories as told by the students of The One School Goa.


Goa is home to people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicity and nationalities.These people are composed, poised, quirky and voluble, and have a story to share.

The exhibition aims to capture such people and their stories and stand shoulder to shoulder with outstanding examples of portraiture from around the world.


Selection of Goan portraits created by the students of The One School Goa.


Monsoons in Goa is an ethereal experience. Its lush green all over, ponds, lakes, rivers over flowing. Though it rains heavily, life doesn’t stop. People travel several kilometers without complaining. Others sit on the bridges and culverts and fish. Tea stalls here and there sell piping hot vada pau and chai in the evenings. Paddy cultivation goes on in full swing. In short Goa turns into paradise.


Selection of Goan portraits created by the students of The One School Goa.


Goans are known for their bold sense of colour which is evident in their everyday life. They display these vibrant colours in their streets, homes, temples and just about every where.

This exhibition showcases that spirit of Goa.


A selection of photographs by the students and faculty of The One School Goa.


The festival will also feature previews of two to be published books :
Being in it and being of it and
UNSUNG-Extraordinary Lives
The former is a contemporary visual handbook, documenting experiences and conversations from one of the largest faith gatherings on earth, the Kumbh Mela of Allahabad in 2013. The research, content and design of this body of work has been done by Anugraha,a Mumbai based design and publishing studio. The latter is the second in the series that chronicles the lives and work of real heroes of India, being published by Mahesh Bhat.


Both the books that are being previewed are collaborative projects featuring several artists.