Open Call



Is the theme for the open call for Goa International Photo
Festival 2015.

Faith is as an understanding or relationship that exists between two objects or two souls, be it animate or inanimate. Like a shadow with light, or a child’s faith in a mother’s arms. Faith is without limitations, it does not stop at God or religion. It has kept the world together, through the good times and bad. It is faith that makes life beautiful – worth trusting. Ultimately, faith is confidence or trust between two. It is belief that is not based on proof or fact .

This theme has been chosen by ARAVIND AJAIYABHAS, a student of THE ONE SCHOOL GOA



1.1 Objectives
Goa International Photo Festival aims to feature a quality selection of photography projects from around the
world. Festival’s open call is devoted to offering a platform and supporting photography, showcasing ‘new’
photography and related media from emerging and established artists.

1.2 Venue
The selected projects will be presented to the public at the Goa International Photo Festival in North Goa.

1.3. Dates
The Main Programme of the Goa International Photo Festival 2015 will be held from Feb 10 to Feb 21, 2015.

1.4 Eligibility
Submission to the Goa International Photo Festival 2015 is open to artists, curators, collectives, archives,
galleries and organisations from around the world.

1.5 Entry Deadline
Submissions must be made before 15 January 2015, 00.00 hrs IST.

1.6 There is no entry fee for submissions


2.1 Submissions Must Include -

2.1.1 BODY OF WORK: 8 digital images in Jpeg format, no more than 1mb each.

2.1.2 CURRICULUM VITAE: A concise one-page CV or other relevant biographical information (PDF)

2.1.3 A short write up about the body of work, no more than 400 words.

2.2 How to Enter
Goa International Photo Festival only accepts online submission through its website. Click here to apply
Any incomplete submissions will be rejected.

2.4 Receipt Confirmation
Upon receipt, an email confirmation will be sent to the email specified in the application form.


3.1 Selection
All submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by the curatorial team of the Festival.

3.2 Status Notification
All artists will be notified by email of their submission status by 1 Feb 2015 at the latest.

3.4 Publicity
The selected projects will be presented on the Festival’s website and be part of the Festival’s promotional
campaign in print and online media, increase awareness of the selected works in the photography